New Applications

TOP Technologies New Applications

We actively respond to needs for other applications that utilize the elemental technologies we have cultivated—including granulation, sintering, and resin coating—through the development of iron powders and carriers for electrophotography.

Product Name Application Example
①Spherical Nano Powder Magnetic fluid, magnetic fillers, magnetic ink, etc.

We developed this spherical ultra-fine soft ferrite powder at nanoscale (20–1000 nm) using a special sintering method. Because the particles are metal oxides, this ultra-fine powder is more oxidation-resistant and more chemically stable than other nanoscale metal powders.
The ultra-fine nanoferrite particles have high dispersion in water or solvents and can be used for magnetic ink, magnetic fluid, or other applications.
A fluid dispersion type is also available for dispersion in various solvents.

②Flake-Shaped Ferrite Powders Electromagnetic wave shielding, pigments (lamé), etc.

Our flake-shaped ferrite powder has excellent orientation properties and can be used as filler for electromagnetic wave shielding.
The ferrite composition and particle characteristics such as thickness and size can be customized to specifications.
This flake-shaped powder can be used as a pigment: it is a metallic oxide, and its flat, extremely smooth surface gives it a metallic luster.

③Ag-coated Ferrite Powder Magnetic wave shields, conductive fillers, white-color magnetic materials and pigments, etc.

Coated with silver, this ferrite powder is lighter than metal powder and has high electrical conductivity similar to metals. The ferrite composition, particle size and shape can be customized to specific needs. It can also be used for white-color magnetic materials and pigments.

④Ferrite Powders for Fillers Magnetic fillers, fillers for polymer-bonded magnets, electronic components and materials, etc.

We supply ferrite powders with an average particle size of 1–100μm for fillers in resins.
Both soft and hard ferrite powders in irregular and spherical shapes are available to choose from, along with particle size, shape, surface design, and composition for individual purposes.
The surface design can be customized using a silane coupling agent.

⑤High Specific Surface Area,Small Particle Size Ferrite Powders Water treatment, soil remediation, adsorbents, filters, etc.

We manufacture spherical soft ferrite powder with an average particle size of 5–30µm.
The particle surface can be customized from smooth to wrinkled.
The combination of large specific surface area and custom surface design offers multifunctionality and high performance.
These powders are used for water treatment, soil remediation, adsorbents, filters, etc.

⑥Shell-Structured Ferrite Powders Catalyst support, low-density filler, adsorbents, filters, etc.

We manufacture and market spherical soft ferrite powder. With spherical ferrite powders, it is almost impossible to control the outside and inside structures independently. Despite this, we have succeeded in developing spherical ferrite particles with a porous structure on the inside and a shell structure on the outside.
These innovative ferrite particles have enabled us to obtain high pore volume with low apparent density.
Shell-structured ferrite powders can be used as high-performance magnetic fillers, and the high pore volume interior makes them good as catalyst supports and adsorbents.

⑦Magnetic composite material (ferrite film) Electromagnetic wave shielding, electronic components, electronic materials, etc.

We have developed a binderless magnetic composite material with high flexibility using an aerosol deposition method that relies on the phenomenon of room temperature impact consolidation.
This magnetic composite material offers a broad range of choices for customizing the composition and thickness of the ferrite layer and the type and thickness of the base material to impart magnetism without compromising the function of the base material.
Moreover, the material can be made into any shape and it holds great promise for a variety of applications, especially for electronic devices that keep getting smaller.