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Message from the President

Powdertech’s management philosophy is to contribute to a more prosperous society through technology by being sincere, accepting challenges with a pioneering spirit, and swiftly and sustainably addressing the needs of society.

In addition to this management philosophy, we also have in place a CSR policy, a code of conduct meant for both individuals and groups, and work regulations that prohibit unfair labor practices and harassment. Based on the above framework, I believe that we can achieve steady, continuous growth and can contribute to society by reviewing the targets, objectives, and implementation of our CSR activities as necessary, and striving to improve them.
We also regularly formulate a three-year plan to set medium-term business goals. This allows us to accurately identify changes in the market and the company’s internal environment, make timely decisions, and take appropriate actions. Going forward, we aim to clarify and share our perspective on how to effectively implement our management strategies and adapt to change.

Representative Director and President

Maruyama Noriyuki

Representative Director and President Maruyama Noriyuki

Contribution to the SDGs through Our Businesses

Powdertech recognizes that contributions made by corporations are essential to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations in September 2015—Transforming Our World—and to achieving its objectives, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The following are some of the ways in which we are currently helping to meet the SDGs through our business activities.

Carriers for Electrophotography

Powdertech has become the leading global supplier of carrier powders for electrophotographic applications, and by working with customers we have enhanced our development and improved our production technologies and supply capabilities. Our electrophotographic carrier products are used in our customers’ printers and multi-functional printers (MFPs) to produce printed materials and publications that contribute to education and culture. We are also among the first to develop and popularize carriers that do not use heavy metals to preserve the environment.

Additionally, we contribute to energy conservation through the development of carriers for use in low-temperature fusing systems in printers and MFPs, while our automatic replenishment system is maintenance-free, and our longer-lasting carrier products reduce waste.

〈 Our Priority SDGs 〉

Oxygen Absorber and Oxygen Sensor

Our oxygen absorbers can extend the shelf life of food products and enable previously unavailable safe food delivery to consumers in remote areas; they also contribute to reductions in food loss. Our oxygen sensor products indicate the presence or absence of oxygen inside a sealed food package by color, making it easy to verify any defects in the food package, thus contributing to improved food safety.

〈 Our Priority SDGs 〉

New Business Products

We are continually developing new business products that will help bring about a better future. We have already started to supply ultra-fine ferrite powder that contributes to energy conservation, higher performance, and improved reliability by preventing malfunctions in electronic devices related to next-generation telecommunications.

〈 Our Priority SDGs 〉

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic materials, our mainstay, have long been a key material in circuit components and electromagnetic shielding. Through the supply of safe, high-performance materials to meet specific customer needs, we also contribute to power savings, energy conservation, miniaturization, and enhanced performance. As the market continues to expand, we will strive to supply products that preserve scarce resources and reduce the environmental load from a product life cycle perspective as we give careful consideration to energy conservation in both the manufacturing and use of our products.

〈 Our Priority SDGs 〉