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Representative Director and President Maruyama Noriyuki

Powdertech Co.,Ltd.

Representative Director and President
Maruyama Noriyuki

Pursuing an Indispensable Company That Supports the Future Society with Unique Materials

Our company started in 1952 as Japan’s first iron powder manufacturer, and since then, we have been refining our technologies through the development and manufacturing of functional materials, such as iron powder and ferrite powder. We explore their possibilities as we follow the first principle in our management philosophy, “Through Technology, Contribute to a More Prosperous Society”.

Today, our mainstay business, carriers for electrophotography, has expanded its lineup from the original iron powder carriers to ferrite carriers and then to EF (Environmentally Friendly) carriers using our specialized technologies. We have been contributing to higher image quality, higher speed, longer life, full colorization, and improved environmental characteristics of electrophotographic equipment, such as MFPs (Multi-Functional Printers), by controlling the magnetic and electrical properties, particle size, and surface properties, thereby contributing to greater convenience and productivity in business offices around the world.

In addition, WonderKeep® - our oxygen absorbers, which use the oxidation reaction of iron powder, have contributed to the reduction of food losses by maintaining the quality of food and other products for a longer time. Based on the core technologies we have cultivated, we are currently developing various innovative functional materials, including ultra-fine ferrite powder and flexible thin-film ferrite products, and have begun mass production of these products. We will continue to propose custom products based on our original technological capabilities, utilizing our strengths as a manufacture to contribute to society.

By adhering to the management principles of “Always be sincere”, “Have a thorough challenging and pioneering spirit” and “Swiftly address the needs of society”, as an “essential company”, we will continue to strive to be an organization that is trusted by customers and identified with by all stakeholders. We thank you for your continued support in the years to come.