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Powdertech’s Technologies

Our technologies are at work invisibly in people’s lives everywhere.
Familiar examples include electrophotographic carriers, which are indispensable for multifunction devices, printers, and on-demand printing machines, as well as product quality preservers, which ensure the safety of food products, and spherical ultra-fine ferrite powder, which is used as a key material for electronic components. Importantly, we hold a roughly 70% share of the global market for electrophotographic carriers.
Here we introduce how our products are manufactured.

Ferrite Technologies

This section describes the manufacturing processes we use to produce ferrite particles.

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Manufacturing Technologies

This section introduces our manufacturing technologies and quality control efforts that support our ferrite technologies.

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Powder Processing

This section introduces the technologies required to produce powders of varying particle size, shape, and surface design.

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New Applications

We actively respond to needs for other applications that utilize the technologies we have cultivated through our product development.

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