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Ferrite carrier materials for electrophotographic applications are a mainstay product for Powdertech.

Some technologies for producing printed images such as photocopiers, laser printers, and multi-function printers (MFPs) use electrophotography, while others do not—inkjet printers, for example.

Electrophotography is the most suitable technology for achieving high image quality, high speed, full color, long operating life, and high reliability, making dry-toner-based full-color MFPs and printers the workhorses of the business environment in recent years.

An electrophotographic system involves applying an electric charge to a dry toner that is used to develop an electrostatic latent image on a photoreceptor. The system for charging the toner can be generally classified into either a one-component developer system consisting of toner only or a two-component developer system consisting of toner and carrier.

In recent years, two-component developer systems have come into widespread use for their ability to meet the needs for high image quality, full color, etc., mentioned above. The two-component developer system is a key technology that significantly impacts image quality and other performance characteristics of copiers and printers.

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