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Manufacturing Process of Ferrite Powders

Ferrite particle manufacturing consists primarily of the four processes presented below.

Pre-Treatment Process

Metal oxides, metal hydroxides, and other raw materials for producing ferrite are mixed, pelletized (provisional granulation), then oxidized by primary calcination (provisional sintering) at 800–1000 °C. The resulting provisionally sintered product is then mixed with water and ground finely (slurried).

Granulation Process

This process produces spherical particles from the slurry prepared in the pre-treatment process.
Generally, an apparatus called a spray dryer is used in this process.
The slurry is dispersed and the particles, sphericalized by surface tension, are dried using hot air to fix the spherical shape.

Sintering Process

This process involves heating the spherical powder created in the granulation process at high temperature to transform it into ferrite.
Sintering is done in an electric furnace with strictly controlled oxygen concentration.
This is the most important process in ferrite powder production. The oxygen concentration, sintering temperature, and sintering time are controlled to change the electrical resistance, magnetic characteristics, and particle surface design.

Deagglomeration & Classifying Process

This process loosens particle agglomerations generated during sintering. Particle size distribution is also adjusted using a separator.